Easier life: buy a wireless headphone

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Headphones are a very important part of the whole computing system.

They have gone from being a cumbersome unnecessary object to an accessory to most PCs in a short span of time.

Headphones are important not only for watching movies, but also for gaming and such.

The whole experience of gaming and movies without headphones is incomplete.

However, this necessarily does not mean that headphones have to be taken at any cost.

During any kind of a purchase, one has to keep in mind the ease of use.

The latest concepts today are of the wireless Bluetooth headsets available for about the same price as the normal ones.

Here are a selected few recommendations:


Jabra Move Wireless Headphones


The Jabra Move Wireless Headphones are nothing short of a boon to all beginners out there. This is one of the most efficient models available at an inexpensive cost.

There is little or no room for error with this one considering its amazing sound quality and sleek and stylish look.

It boasts of an ultra lightweight product that is easy to carry around, but robust and sturdy at the same time with it’s stainless over the head band which ensures that the product endures any kind of a mechanical strain on it.

It comes in vibrant colors of red, blue and black and sits quite comfortably around the ears. All in all, it is one of the best available in the budget market.

2nd best

Bowers and Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphone


With an unparalleled Bluetooth system that allows uninterrupted wireless streaming of music and sound, these headphones provide nothing short of the complete sound experience for an unrivalled acoustic experience.

You can use these to stream sound from your computer, tablet or PC. It charges via USB so that you can save the battery by using a direct cable if you aren’t in the kind of environment where you want to use the wireless option.

Even if you decide to use the wireless mode, it comes with a powerful 17 hours of battery life which is quite amazing for a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Its diaphragm is alike those of traditional loudspeakers and able to deliver nothing but sharp sound and clear cut clarity.

3th Best

Sennheiser Momentum


Sennheiser is a brand well known amongst most headphone enthusiasts. This brand is well known for making the best headphones in the world, and even its mobile earphones are better than most gaming earphones.

That being said, this particular product touches the pinnacle of sound quality with its breath taking Noise Gard hybrid active noise cancellation system coupled with a sharp and clear overall sound quality.

It has a 22 hour battery life and 2 microphones to allow better perception of spoken matter, and overall better communication enhancements.

This product also immediately pairs with the Bluetooth devices in the vicinity without showing any kind of a lag. It is currently best in design and the best in overall audio experience. A must have for all professional gamers!

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